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Electric Meat Grinders

Electric Meat Grinders

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Specifications of Electric Meat Grinders 

Housing Material: Stainless Steel

Model Number: Electric meat grinder

Use: Family

Home appliance: crusher food processor

Kitchen chopper: food processors

Feature: Fully automatic, Multifunctional

Functions: Cutting vegetables, shredding meat, stirring

Shell process: Food grade 304 stainless steel

Power (W): 400w

Item: Electric Meat Grinders

Voltage: 110-240V

Rotation speed: 30000-40000rpm

Material: 304 stainless steel

Gear: 5 gears

Noise: 36dB

Power: 400W

Capacity: 5L


Note: The voltage of the Meat grinder is not universal. Please select the product according to the voltage of your country


US Plug: 110V

EU Plug: 220V

Please confirm the correct plug type you need before payment. We will ship the goods according to the plug type in your order, and will not make a secondary confirmation with your country.

We will not accept refunds for disputes raised due to the wrong plug type.

Features of Electric Meat Grinders

The compact body design of the Mykitchens™Electric Meat Grinders is crafted from high-quality stainless steel. Its sleek appearance adds a touch of sophistication and is simple to clean and operate.


The efficient and reliable Mykitchens™Electric Meat Grinder utilizes a durable metal-to-metal driving coupling system.


The Mykitchens™ Electric Meat Grinder boasts a durable stainless steel six blade design and non-slip rubber mats for added stability during use. With these features, grinding meats and other foods is quick, efficient, and safe. Upgrade your kitchen tools with this high-quality electric grinder.


Efficiently grind a variety of ingredients with Mykitchens™ Electric Meat Grinders. With multiple speeds, you can tackle any grinding task with ease. Enjoy precise results and save time in the kitchen. Make meal preparation effortless with this essential kitchen tool.


Mykitchens™Electric Meat Grinders are suitable for a variety of foods, such as meat, fruit, peanuts, walnuts, and beans. With its versatile design, easily prepare a variety of dishes and take your cooking to the next level.

【Multifunctional electric vegetable cutter】can cut all kinds of food, perfect for cutting boneless meat, vegetables, fruit salad, onions, and garlic, cutting herbs, vegetables, and pesto. You can use it for turkey stuffing, salads, sauces, baby food, etc.

[5-speed settings] Low speed; Ⅰ; 8000RPM for vegetables, fruits, garlic, peppers, etc. (5-10 seconds).; Ⅱ; 10000RPM for meat, carrot, pumpkin, etc. (10-20s) Easy to use and time-saving. Blending egg gear: 9000RPM for blending eggs and mixing baby food supplements. Juicing gear: 8500RPM for crushing fruits and vegetables and extracting juice. Kneading gear 8500RPM for kneading dough. Pure copper spindle motor, high speed, high power, more durable

【Save kitchen time】The meat grinder has a powerful 400W motor with 6 stainless steel blades. Quickly prepare minced meat or mashed potatoes in seconds.

【Safety Protection】Match the motor with the plum connector, lock the blades in the right position before use. Thermal protection makes the meat grinder safer and the safety switch prevents the motor from stopping when the button is released. Never mess up your kitchen.

【Easy to clean】Non-stick pan, easier to clean

[5L Removable Bowl]The electric food chopper is made of stainless steel and comes with a large capacity 5L mixing bowl to prepare large amounts of food at once. Equipped with non-slip rubber pads, it has good anti-slip and anti-vibration effect in use. The device is removable and the accessories are easier to clean.

Usage method
1. Please thoroughly clean all parts in contact with food before the first use.
2. Put the knife rest into the glass bowl first, and ensure that the knife set is installed in place and can rotate smoothly, and then cut the food into about 2cm and put it into the glass bowl evenly (if processing vegetables and fruits, please add appropriate water).The total amount of ingredients shall not exceed 50% of the total capacity of glass containers.

3. Cover the transparent cover and adjust the position.
4. Put the machine head on the transparent cover, make sure the machine head is in horizontal contact with the transparent cover, and the machine head does not move.

5. When the power is switched on, press the top switch button with your hand and the machine starts to work. When the switch button is released, the machine stops working.The machine should work continuausly for no more than 30 seconds at a time.
6. After finishing the processing, the power supply shall be disconnected first, and the machine head shall be removed after the blade stops rotating completely, and the transparent cover shall be opened. The blade shall be removed first, and the processed food shall be removed with tools.
7. If the food sticks to the bowl wall during processing or the machine shakes due to the uneven distribution of food, please immediately stop the machine. After the blade stops rotating completely, open the transparent cover and remove the food from the bowl wall with tools (sharp blade, do not use hands directly), and spread evenly.

Dear friends, please be sure to read the instructions before purchase or use:

① Food put in the bowl, put a little more than half, do not put the food in the bowl full. If the food is put too full, the machine is easy to overload too heavy, the motor can not carry.

② 5-10 seconds to press the start switch, do not keep pressing long, easy to make the machine hot. If the machine stops or smoke, it's overheating protection, a normal phenomenon, please do not press again. Wait for the machine to cool down, 2-3 hours before using it.

If the smoke is normal, that the motor is overheating protection, such as the head can be used after cooling.

③ Must remember not to press the start button for a long time, easy to damage! Pay attention to the button press a few seconds to stop, not press all the time.

Note: Blades are consumable items, Click to buy


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